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Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Georgia in the Republic of Belarus! Here you can learn about the activities of the Embassy and Consulate, find information about Georgia, including politics, economics, culture and tourism. You will be able to follow the dynamics of bilateral relations between Georgia and the Republic of Belarus.

Georgia represents the eastern border of geographic Europe and an inseparable part of European culture, politics and economy.

Despite the difficulties in Georgia related to territorial integrity, our country is attractive for many reasons. A good climate, successful economic and political reforms, a favorable investment environment, liberal legislation for business. And also the lowest tax rate in Europe and Central Asia, free trade regimes with neighboring countries, the European Union and China make our country even more interesting for investors.

Georgia has a rich historical past, a tolerant society, ancient wine-making and delicious national cuisine.

The main task of the Embassy of Georgia is to strengthen and deepen bilateral relations between Georgia and the Republic of Belarus. Since the opening of the Embassy, ​​significant successes have been achieved, a number of high-level visits have been made, and extremely important contacts have been established at different levels. The embassy actively cooperates with the Presidential Administration, legislative and executive bodies, financial and business groups, economic and cultural institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations.

Similar traditional and spiritual values ​​of the Georgian and Belarusian people help to bring our countries closer together: a constant striving for peace and freedom, humanity and hospitality.

This allows me to express the hope that relations between our countries will only get stronger over the years and move to a qualitatively new level.

I hope that the website of the Embassy will be one more helping hand to find more about Georgia and encourage you to visit our country.

Taking this opportunity, I wish the state and people of Belarus peace, well-being and prosperity